Journal Name Serial Number ISSN Number Creation Time Frequency Editorial Office Editor-in-Chief Remark
                                          Acta Scientiarum Naturalium universitatis Pekinensis 11-2442/N 0479-8023 1955 Bimonthly Editorial Office at PKU CHAO Kuangta
                                          ADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS (CHINA) CN 11-2312/01 1000-0917 1955 Bimonthly School of Mathematical Sciences LIU Zhangju  
                                          Acta Physico-Chimica Sinica 11-1892/O6 1000-6818 1985 Monthly College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering LIU Zhong-Fan SCI
                                          University Chemistry CN11-1815/O6 ISSN1000-8438 1986 Bimonthly College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering PEI Jian
                                          EARTH SCIENCE FRONTIERS* CN 11-3370/P 1005-2321 1994 Bimonthly CHINA UNIVERSITY OF GEOSCIENCES(Beijing)、Peking University WANG Chengshan Union
                                          JOURNAL OF PEKING UNIVERSITY(Philosophy & Social Sciences) 11-1561/C 1000-5919 1955 Bimonthly Editorial Office at PKU YANG He CSSCI
                                          Peking University Law Journal 11-2447/D 1002-4875 1989 Bimonthly Law School WANG Xixin CSSCI
                                          ECONOMIC SCIENCE 11-1564/F 1002-5839 1979年 Bimonthly School of Economics LIU Wei CSSCI
                                          FOREIGN LITERATURES 11-1562/I 1002-5014 1981 Quarterly School of Foreign Languages JI Xianlin CSSCI
                                          The Journal of International Studies 11-4782/D 1671-4709 1980 Quarterly School of International Studies WANG Yizhou CSSCI
                                          JOURNAL OF ACADEMIC LIBRARIES 11-2952/G2 1002-1027 1981 Bimonthly PEKING UNIVERSITY LIBRARY ZHU Qiang CSSCI
                                          POPULATION AND DEVELOPMENT 11-3601/F 1006-4346 1994 Bimonthly Institute of Population Research ZHENG Xiaoying CSSCI
                                          Peking University Education Review 11-4848/G4 1671-9468 2003 Quarterly Graduate School of Education CHEN Hongjie  
                                          Graduate Student's Journal of Peking University     1985年 Graduate School CAI Guisheng
                                          Peking University Journals Platform for Humanities & Social Sciences



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